About Us

Goldmarh business partnersAfter being inspired by all the talent and craftsmanship of Senegal when I, Nai-Muh, was a WOOF (Worldwide Organization of Organic Farming) volunteer in 2013, I knew I wanted to design and sell curated items made by local artisans that I met during my stay.

Upon returning to Senegal with my mom in January 2020, Goldmarh was established when I met an old friend, Modou, the same person I told all those years ago I would come back one day and begin a business with him. Since then I continue to create designs and curate capsule collections, and he works directly with the artisans to procure Goldmarh's ethically made pieces.
What started as an idea of sharing my sense of fashion and relationships built during my travels to Senegal, has become the brand Goldmarh. Our goal has always been to establish a direct connection between the local artisans handcrafting these ethically made pieces and the clientele that vibes at our frequency✨

Golden SOULs, join us on this journey of growing and learning together in style. 

Peace & Learning, 
Nai-Muh & Modou