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Amina XIII

Amina XIII

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Is a designers' original. 

Just as Amina of Zaria built walls around her city as a symbol of wealth and protection, the Amina hat is a bold and luxurious way to shield your skin from the sun.

Perfect gift for the gardener, beach bum, or traveler in your life!

  • Constructed of African Mudcloth
  • Handmade in Senegal,  West Africa

Only wash when absolutely necessary! Use chemical free soap (such as Castile Soap) and cold water. Submerge your Mud cloth, gently stirring, let sit for about 5 mins. Remove Mud cloth and GENTLY ring out excess water. Hang dry or lay flat. Iron on back of fabric, on (low) cotton setting if needed.

Tip - to help "set" color ( more specifically for Indigo) and reduce fading/transferring, you can add a small amount of vinegar to the water while washing.

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